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NHS Provider PosterThis update on the launch of e-Referrals, a digital public sector news and research organisation, gives a balanced review. What it does not look at is the reason adoption is so focussed on areas of good and poor uptake which indicates that it is not the Choose and Book system but personal preference by GP’s. Before Go Live a baseline as at the beginning of April 2015 will be presented showing the variation by each CCG area.

The HSIC has provided indications of new functions, saying on its website that the e-Referral Service has been designed using feedback from different groups on where they felt the earlier service fell short. It highlights that:

  • GPs wanted more clinical referral templates, decisions aids, advice and guidance functions, the ability to book patients in diagnostic services, outcome and discharge information, and integration with clinical systems.
  • Consultants wanted the system to share information better and integration with hospital clinical systems, as well as linking appointments within a pathway and referrals to other clinics, and giving them the ability to add electronic notes and instructions.
  • Commissioners asked for better reporting and information features to support commissioning decisions, and support for more consistent referral management.
  • Patients wanted a service to book all appointments in their care pathway, including follow-ups and self-referrals.

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