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e-RS Electronic Referral Service. What you need to know

The NHS through NHS Digital have been promoting GP practices to use the e-RS system (previously known as Choose & Book).

Through our Contact Us service we have received lots of enquiries from patients who have been let down by the GP practice. In almost every case the patient was only told they would be referred with no explanation about what would happen and what the patient needs to do.

This week the e-RS team released an update on the publicity material for GP practices and Patients as to the benefits of using e-RS. For the benefit of the many patients who search for information on e-RS we have copied the material so that you can see what the GP practice is expected to do and what information as a patient you should receive.

We hope the information below helps in understanding what the system is and how it benefits both the NHS and Patients alike.

Let us know through our Contact Us form if you are having problems using the system and it is due to the GP practice not full-filling its obligations to you on referral to the NHS.

This is the leaflet GP practices should have for all staff explaining how the system works for patients.

This is the information leaflet your GP practice should give you when they refer you using e-RS