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Independent Sector Top Providers

The Independent Sector (IS) have been using Choose & Book / e-Referral since the system was fully deployed in  2005. Unlike the traditional NHS trusts the IS did not have the millions given to it to get the system set up and train staff. Now after 10 years the IS account for around 18% of all the bookings made using e-Referral and it is Ramsay Healthcare UK Operations that tops the table. Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Services is a organisation providing a Referral Management Service. Ramsay healthcareThe recognised IS Providers BMI, Care UK, Spire and Circle are all in the top 10 but Specsavers have achieved a massive in road into the top 10 as all their referrals are for Hearing Care. In future articles we will look at each Provider in the Top 10 and where they are gaining their referrals from and also areas they get very few referrals.

Orthopaedics dominates the specialty list with GI & Liver second and Diagnostics in third place.

Diagnostics and Physiological Measurement includes Hearing Care, an area where Any Qualified Provider (AQP) has introduced high street access to hearing care. Access to Hearing Care is limited to the more innovative and challenging CCG’s. In many CCG’s the established NHS Provider dominates and fails to innovate with access limited to the traditional hospital or clinic and no patient choice.

In our next article we will explore which CCG areas offer Hearing Care and which providers are in the Top 10.