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NHS Choices wants to hear your experience

Visit NHS Choices at the moment and search for a service and a survey box pops up asking if you have had any recent NHS referral to a hospital appointment. It provides an opportunity to let the NHS hear your experience good or bad.

The structure of some questions assumes that it is your GP who has referred you onwards but many CCG’s are using Referral Management Centres or MSK triaging which makes the personal discussion with a GP a non starter.

NHS ConstitutionThe more patients who respond the sooner the NHS can get a grip on what is effectively a denial of a patients right to choice. If you want to read more about a patients right to choice you may want to read this booklet. NHS Constitution

As only 54% of referrals to hospital consultants are sent via Choose and Book / e-Referrals there is good evidence that many get no choice. With 5 years of the new government to run this must be the last chance to make choice work and become embedded in a patients expectation.

The link below should take you to the survey option.


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