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Top 10 – Bottom 10 Specialties

Continuing our Top and Bottom 10 theme Orthopaedics is by far and away the highest volume of bookings, possibly reflecting the wider range of actual choices and therefore reason to use e-Referrals. We will tunnel down into the specialty in the coming weeks to see what lies behind the data.

Children & Adolescent Services covers all specialty areas for children and not surprising  that it features near the top.

e-Referrals Top 10 Specialties2WW is the abbreviation for Cancer 2 Week Wait referrals and demonstrates the confidence which many CCG areas now have in the system. The theory is that when a GP needs to refer a 2WW they can make the booking directly with the patient and be confident that there is no delay waiting for faxes to be sent and picked up and also has a very detailed audit trail. The truth is that in some areas the booking is in to a ghost appointment slot and a paper and telephone system then takes over.


Being at the bottom reflects the innovative thinking in some CCG areas who are increasing the range of services e-bookable. As the new e-Referral system expands the range of services it can accommodate this is where the changes will start to show. The table also shows Complimentary Medicine as a service bookable on the NHS. Most of the bottom 10 are community based therapy services. Over the weeks we will reveal where these services are available in England and which ones are available only to local CCGs and which ones can be booked from any CCG area.