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NHS e-Referral - latest news

May 28, 2015
In a recent HSJ article, Dear Health Secretary - Here is what you should do about waiting times. Rob Findlay of Gooroo Ltd takes the typical technical approach to the problem of NHS Waiting Times. The answer is very simple. Patient Choice. Entrenched attitudes within the NHS continue to push patients in to the ever lengthening queues at Acute Trusts. The NHS has the capacity commissioned ...learn more

A View from

April 21, 2015

This update on the launch of e-Referrals, a digital public sector news and research organisation, gives a balanced review....

e-Referrals, What to expect.

April 14, 2015

The original Choose and Book system was introduced in 2004 to enable patients needing an outpatient appointment to select, with...


Patient Choice Trumps Arrogant FT’s

December 16, 2014

When our elected representatives establish a patients right to choice it was with some surprise that several FT’s recently assumed...